A small community with a big heart.


Welcome to Beverly, Ohio.

The Village of Beverly, OH was established in 1831 and is named after Beverly, Massachusetts, the native home of a first settler. Measuring in at less than one square mile, the Village is small in area and big in heart. 

Located along the Muskingum River, our small town is big on charm. Beverly is home to Fort Frye School District, and boasts interesting local businesses, churches, libraries, and outdoor fun. There really is something for everyone. 

We encourage you to visit us soon and make sure you plan includes stops at Dodge Park, the Beverly-Waterford community swimming pool,  or any of our upcoming events


The 2020 Census is underway and we urge everyone in our community to participate.  Having an accurate population count is vital to ensuring our area receives appropriate and significant state and federal funding.  An undercount of population can mean unacceptable cuts to programs that local residents depend upon.  

The Census also impacts funding provided through programs such as Community Development Block Grants, NatureWorks, Safe Routes To Schools, Ohio Public Works, all of which are utilized and necessary for community projects.

Residents will receive instructions in the mail on how to complete the census.  If you know someone who doesn’t have a fixed address, please encourage and help them be a part of the count, too.  There will be instruction on how to include those who are transient, in a nursing facility, or have other living arrangements.

Please “Stand Up and Be Counted”.  We assure you that no Census information will be shared, for doing so would be a violation of federal law.  It is a private process. It is a simple process. Let’s make sure we are all counted.

Beverly has everything you could want in a small town.