Don’t forget to get your permit before starting your event or project. You can print out an application here and drop it off along with payment, if it applies, or stop by the Village Building Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:00, to fill one out.

The following list represents only a small portion of ordinances passed by the Village of Beverly. To read an ordinance, simply click on the link below. If you are looking for a particular ordinance that is not listed below, please contact the Village office

Ordinance 13-08: Building Permit

Ordinance 14-03: Flood Damage Reduction

Ordinance 14-11: Council and BPA Compensation

Ordinance 15-07: Cemetery Rates

Ordinance 15-09: Demolition Permit

Ordinance 16-01: Income Tax Exhibit A

Ordinance 16-07: Golf Carts

Ordinance 16-09: Sewer Rate Adjustment

Ordinance 16-10: Guaranty Deposit

Ordinance 16-13: Curfew

Ordinance 17-12: Personal Property Sales (Yard Sales)

Ordinance 17-12: Exhibit A - Personal Property Sales

RES 16-06: BPA Water Rate Adjustment

Ordinance 18-08: Park Rental Fees/Rules & Regulations

Ordinance 18-10: Electronic Wireless Communication Devices While Driving

Ordinance 18-15: Excess Property